Our Pastors


Pastor Daniel Taylor

Pastor Daniel Taylor is the lead pastor at Colour City Church. He has been ministering in the church and also other churches in the CRC movement for approximately ten years. 

Daniel is a strong teacher of the bible who also ministers through the gifts of the Spirit, especially in healing and prophetically. Pastor Daniel has a deep desire to see Christians grow in their ministry calling, especially to raise up evangelists who will take the gospel into the streets, the community and to see the church members praying for the sick. He is passionate to see the healing power of God go to the unsaved and the needy. 

Pastor Daniel is married to his wife, Johanna, and have two sons Rocco and Albie.

Pastor Daniel with his wife Johanna and son Rocco
Pastor Malcolm & Pastor Jill Taylor
Pastor Malcolm and Pastor Jill

Pastor Malcolm & Pastor Jill Taylor

Pastors Malcolm and Jill Taylor lead a vibrant ministry Co-labouring with God for more than 30 years in joint ministry, they provide spiritual coverage, leadership and support to ministry teams which are active locally and overseas. 
An ideal partnership, their teaching and pastoring is supported by dedicated prayer ministry and the intentional development of intercessors and prophetic gifts.

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